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All bookings must be made online by 7pm the day before the ride.

WAIPAOA BRIDGE - One Hour Journey

This is a relaxed one hour excursion for all visitors to Gisborne

An hour-long ride that takes you through the vineyards and spectacular countryside of the Gisborne plains, crossing the 500 m long Waipaoa Bridge and back. Suitable for all levels of fitness, this is a chance to try Gisborne’s unique rail biking experience.

Meet at 500 Awapuni Road 15 minutes prior to your departure time.


Please note the Brochure start times and meeting point for the Beach Loop ride have changed. Please refer to the correct details below.

This is a relaxed one day excursion for all visitors to Gisborne

32km, 3 hours in the saddle.

A moderate fitness level is required.

Bring your own lunch and refreshments.

Meet at the Coop Road, Muriwai starting point off SH2 (see our location map) by 9:15am for an 9:30 departure.

Here you will be given a safety and instruction brief before setting off on your railbike up the gentle incline to Beach Loop.

This is a sheltered 7km ride through a bush clad valley which slowly narrows to the entrance of Tunnel 26. Switch on your lights (all railbikes are fitted with them). The 1.4km long tunnel curves slowly to the left throughout, so you can’t actually see "the light at the end of the tunnel" until you get to the very end!

Once through the tunnel its another kilometre along the flat until you burst out from another short tunnel to the panoramic view out over the Pacific Ocean 140 metres below.

This is "Beach Loop" where we stop for lunch, relax and take in the history of the rail and the region before we turn the bikes around and return to Coop Road.

A great spot for a picnic on the Beach Loop

ROCKET AND RIVER - One Day Journey

This ride is not available yet - we'll keep you posted

Please note that this journey runs from Wairoa to Mahia one day then Mahia to Wairoa the next. Please choose your date according to which direction you wish to ride.

38km, 3-5 hours in the saddle leaving around 3 hours for breaks.

A moderate fitness level is required.

Bring your own lunch and refreshments.

The journey begins at the old Opoutama Station at Mahia Peninsula and takes you through to our station at Wairoa.

Unless you have private arrangements you will need to choose between one of the two shuttle options depending on which location you wish be at the end of the days excursion.

Choose either:

Starting at Wairoa

If you are beginning from Wairoa, choose the morning shuttle from Wairoa to the Railbikes Adventures start at Mahia. This shuttle leaves Wairoa at 8.30am takes 50 minutes leaving you back at Wairoa at the end of the day.

Starting at Mahia

If you are beginning from Mahia, choose the afternoon shuttle from Wairoa back to Mahia. This shuttle leaves Wairoa at 4.15pm and takes 50 minutes leaving you at back at Mahia at the end of the day.

Riders are required to arrive at Opoutama station 15 minutes before they wish to start their ride, starting anytime between 8.30-9.30 am.

The journey begins with a stunning ride beside the seafront for about a kilometre with a postcard view across the bay to Mahia Peninsular jutting majestically east.

Once across the Waikokopu Bridge its a winding climb of 2 km to an elevation of only 45 metres but once your there you will find the climb was very worthwhile.

A windswept beach stretches south as far as the eye can see. The surf is often big and wild which has made this particular stretch popular with experienced surfers. There are good spots to stop along this level 4km stretch for a mid morning break and watch the surfers parade their skills.

The railway then turns inland to gently descend through typical east coast sheep and cattle farmland before crossing the Nuhaka Bridge .

Across the Plain From Nuhaka

A predominantly straight 12 km ride across sandy dune like country creates a striking visual clash with the towering Wairoa ranges as the backdrop.

The Whakaki Lagoon appears as a large inland lake to your left which you will ride along side for about 4km. The lagoon holds a very strong cultural significance to local iwi as a once prodigious foodbowl and concerted efforts are currently being undertaken to restore the lagoon to its former status.

The Whakaki Lagoon

A shaded coppice of poplar trees midway along the lagoon makes an excellent spot to stop for lunch.

The line continues on through flat pastoral land with rolling hill country on either side for the remaining 10 km to Wairoa where we welcome you in and make sure your further travels throughout our beautiful region merge seamlessly.

Riders should arrive in to Wairoa comfortably by 4pm.

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All bookings must be made online by 7pm the day before the ride.

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